Airbus set for superjumbo casino

Airbus, the European plane manufacturer, has revealed that it is in talks with some casino operators over the possibility of converting its superjumbo A380 – the world’s biggest plane – into a ‘casino in the sky’.

"We have had interests from customers who would like to do something like (casinos)," said David Velupillai, marketing director for Airbus's executive and private aviation division.

"We had discussions with several customers about it," he told AFP.

Francois Chazelle, who heads the Airbus executive and private aviation division, has revealed that discussions are “now looking a lot more concrete”.

If discussions do go successfully, it is thought the flying casino could be delivered between 2012 and 2017 and would certainly target the Asian market.

Despite gambling booming in Asia, the activity is largely curbed throughout the region. However, with the casino being in the sky so to speak, there is a legal loophole that could be circumnavigated.

Chazelle declined to reveal any of the parties they are in discussions with.

The news follows reports that Las Vegas Sands, the US casino operator, is planning a plane route between its Venetian casinos in Las Vegas and its casino in Macau that would allow passengers to play baccarat on two private jets.

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