A-level students to swot up on gambling

A-level students are to study the psychology behind gambling addiction as part of a new course which is set to be introduced by Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations (RSA) next September.

Students will learn how addicts justify their losses, particular on slot and fruit machines, the origins and structure of the gambling industry and possible cures for gambling addiction.

It is thought the new course will help train a new wave of psychologists to deal with the anticipated rise in gambling addicts in the UK.

According to Diane Cole, psychology subject officer for OCR, the new course would “engage students and keep them interested and motivated”.

"With plans for the UK's first super casino being reviewed by the Government, the danger of gambling addiction is very topical for students to cover as part of their A-level psychology course,” she added.

Mark Griffiths, a leading expert on gambling addiction and professor of gambling studies at Nottingham Trent University, has provided material for the course and believes it could be a useful way to educate youngsters about the intricacies of gambling.

"Today's students need to learn about the application of psychology in real-world situations," he said.

"Against a backdrop of gambling liberalisation and deregulation, gambling addiction looks set to increase and educating students about gambling behaviour will be of real interest.”

The course has also received the backing of Malcolm Bruce, director of the Responsibility in Gambling Trust.

"We need to know more about how and why gambling affects people in different ways. At the same time we need to educate people about the potential risks,” Mr Bruce said.

This year, more than 26,000 students across 400+ schools sat their psychology A-level or AS-level exams with OCR.

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