£7m casino project

As Swansea aims to make itself a hotspot for gamblers, work has begun on its seven million pound casino.

The casino is due to open next year and is a joint venture between the U.K’s gaming giant, the Aspinall Group, and James Packer's Australian leisure and entertainment group, Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd.

Midas Property Services are carrying work on the project, with approximately £3.5 million being spent on mechanical and electrical engineering, including a high-class security system to catch cheats, with materials being shipped in from all over the world.

According to Swansea Council Leader Chris Holley back in July, the casino will play a pivotal role in transforming the image and magnetism of Swansea.

“The benefits of having a larger casino would be a major boost to Swansea, our local economy and our aspiration to be a distinctive European city by 2020,” said Holley.

“The hosting of a large and/or small casino would be a major boost to Swansea's future plans. Such an exciting new leisure facility would provide a major attraction to visitors, stimulate local leisure trade and create significant new employment opportunities,” added Holley.

A spokesman for the project reiterated this vision.

“The new casino is likely to create over 200 new jobs in Swansea and forms an important part of the on-going regeneration of the city,” said the spokesman.

The casino will comprise of live gaming facilities, including traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker as well as high-quality, modern slot machines. It is also claimed that the poker room will be ‘the largest in Wales’. On top of the usual facilities such as bars and restaurants, will be a mini-spa treatment area for gamers to chill out between games.

Mark Taylor of Midas Property Services is excited by the potential of the project and eager to begin the challenge ahead.

“It's fantastic to be involved in such a prestigious project. As well as sourcing materials from all over the world and working with Australian architects, the project will also call for us to pay close attention to local needs due to the confined nature of the site. At one point we will have to deliver the mechanical plant for the project onto the roof of the building. We're looking forward to taking on the challenges and to delivering a finished project which should be breathtaking.”

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