$500,000 in Two Days at VIP Casino

A huge congratulations is in order for one lucky VIPCasino player who has just won over $500,000 in just two days, following an amazing double win.

The lucky winner has been a regular visitor to VIPCasino for over a year, but took a break from playing last June.

Returning to the popular casino in September 2005, he resumed playing on ‘an occasional basis’ and, within a matter of weeks, struck gold by winning over $200,000 – equating to a staggering 660% return on a comparatively modest $30,000 stake.

The lucky roll didn’t stop there. Placing just $10,000 from the winnings, the winner went on to win a further $200,000 –bringing the total win in just 48 hours to an awesome $512,885!

“It’s a staggering achievement that has delighted everyone at VIPCasino.com” Casino Manager Kate Berkeley explains: “We are always happy whenever loyal customers win and we are especially moved and extend our fullest congratulations on this particular occasion. What an achievement!”

She adds: “To us, every customer is a VIP – and we want them to win. We feel the best possible way of showing that is by making sure that every winner receives their payout in the shortest possible time.”

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Source: OnlineCasinoNews.com

OnlineCasinoNews.com - 2005-10-13 11:16:16

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