£1 million lottery winner jailed

A former chip shop worker from St Ives, Cornwall, who won £1 million on a lottery scratchcard, has been jailed for 14 days after going on holiday when she should have been giving evidence on court.

Lean Sumray, 21, went to Fuerteventura ignoring a witness summons and was told by the court yesterday that she was guilty of “flagrant and wilful contempt of court”.

Sumray, who was on £4.60 an hour before her win last October, said she was scared of the repercussions if she gave evidence against a man on charges of assault.

Judge Christopher Elwen pointed out that no threats had been made against her and her evidence could have been crucial to the case.

As well as her jail sentence, Sumray must pay the courts costs of £200 – which is as cheap as chips for her.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2008-01-11 10:55:08

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