Manchester's £1b 'lost' casino opportunity

Failure to build Manchester’s super-casino would result in a loss of 3,000 jobs and £1 billion, Manchester City Council claim.

The top-brass in the council are lobbying hard in an attempt to revive the seemingly dead super-casino plans, after Manchester was chosen as the city to host the UK’s first Las Vegas-style casino by the Casino Advisory Panel (CAP).

The council will now send off a dossier to the Government after Gordon Brown effectively called a halt to the plans, instead choosing to examine other ways one of the most deprived areas of Britain, East Manchester, can be regenerated.

The dossier details the benefits these possible alternatives could bring, and they provide a stark contrast to those the super-casino would bring. The dossier claims other leisure schemes would be ‘uneconomic’ and housing developments would not be an ideal use for the ‘role and function of the site’.

It goes on to add that offices would not be possible without ‘very significant public funding’ and speculative development is simply ‘not realistic’.

A report in the dossier states that the largest impact of an alternative scheme would be less than 500 jobs and the lost opportunity to build a super-casino with accompanying facilities would cost the city £10 billion over a ten year period.

"Our consistent message has been that the regeneration benefits from a leisure development anchored by a destination casino massively outweigh those which any other potential use of the site would deliver,” said Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council.

Editor, - 2007-10-25 11:02:16

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