$180,000 Blackjack Tournament

“SuperCash TripleAce”, the world’s largest branded Blackjack tournament was launched today by GameAccount. The $180,000 / £100,000 / €150,000 / $240,000 multicurrency cash pot will attract over 16,000 players from 130 countries to compete in 14 rounds of the hugely popular skill-based Blackjack game.

In this skill-based version of Blackjack, players engage in ‘Heads-Up!’ play against online opponents, never directly against the ‘House’. Starting with an imaginary chip stack of $10,000, your objective is to build a larger chip stack than your opponent with the exact same sequence of cards dealt to both players and the automated in-game dealer. This represents a compelling opportunity for new and veteran players of Blackjack to demonstrate their own ‘edge’ instead of competing directly against the traditional ‘House’ edge.

The unique tournament structure allows large numbers of players to participate with minimum outlay and maximum chance of rewards. Buy-in is $18 and players can re-enter as often as they like. The tournament offers bigger prizes with each round paid out instantly and any player only needs to beat 14 opponents to win the individual Grand Prize of nearly $12,000.

“The SuperCash tournament formula has been a hit across the gaming community. The SuperCash brand has attracted nearly hundreds of thousands of paid entries since August - their incredible success has meant that we have multiplied the available cash prizes tenfold. People love the format, as it allows players to buy-in again and again in order to build on previous instant winnings. Just like a major Poker tournament, players can win several hundred dollars without even reaching the final stages,” Meir Moses, Marketing Manager at GameAccount explained.

Source: Online Casino News


OnlineCasinoNews.com - 2005-11-03 11:51:47

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