We’ll back the 16 casinos if you do

Only last week James Purnell, new Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport hinted that TV advertising of gambling products and services may not see the light of day.

Now in a new statement issued yesterday via the DCMS web site Purnell stated that 16 small and large casinos “should be awarded to the authorities identified by the casino advisory panel”.

However, as with all reformatted Blair gambling policies the Prime Minister and his fresh faced team would not commit outright and instead said that the end result would be in the hands of “local consultation and local accountability”. If any of the authorities have had a change of heart, “they will not be included in the new legislation”.

Here’s to the power of devolution, Brown style!

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-07-17 10:43:09

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