$102,000 casino error

Stephen Wilkinson, a retired carpenter from Philadelphia, was playing on the slot machines at Philadelphia Park casino when a message popped up on the screen saying he had won $102,000. However, in a harsh case of ‘don’t always believe what you read’, casino officials quickly told him it was mistake and he had, in fact, won nothing.

"It was just an error in the communication system - an unfortunate one, I might add,” said Andrew Becker, a spokesman for Philadelphia Park casino.

But that ‘unfortunate mistake’ could land the casino in big trouble with the states gaming board.

"If this is a violation of internal controls, they will be heavily fined and sanctioned," said Doug Harbach, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

In way of an apology to Wilkinson, the casino offered him two comps (freebies from a casino) at the buffet. Understandably, Wilkinson did not accept and went straight to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and filed a complaint. He is due to meet with them next week to discuss the matter.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-01-26 17:19:49

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