Ex-EastEnder wins £100,000 poker jackpot

Former EastEnders star Michael Greco has won £100,000 after winning a regional leg of the Grosvenor Poker Tour in Cardiff yesterday.

Greco, who played Beppe di Marco in the cockney soap, beat a fish and chip shop owner to scoop the jackpot. Though you could be forgiven that it’s a load of codswallop, Greco has impressed after turning his hand to professional gambling since quitting EastEnders in 2002.

“Michael has what it takes to go all the way in this game,” remarked Tour manager Jonathan Raab.

And we know what you're thinking; that fish-shop owner wasn’t Ian Beale. It was Roberto Romanello, who runs a string of family-run fish-shops in Swansea and was distraught over his loss.

“It was devastating at the time not to win. I had the best hand twice, but just got outdrawn,” Romanello said.

However, Romanello still walks away with a not-too-shabby £35,000.

Greco, who now gets a seat at November’s final in London, has been playing poker for two years. This win marks his first major triumph.

“Although he has had minor successes in celebrity events, this was his first win in a recognised professional poker event,” a spokesman for the tour said.

Greco said he will use his winnings to decorate his house and invest the rest wisely.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-03-27 11:46:09

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