£1 million mistake

Car Salesman Steve Moseley of Gosport, Hampshire, told his boss where he could stick his job after he thought he had won £1 million on a scratchcard.

Moseley, who had mistakenly read a 16 for a 15 on his 24 Karat Gold scratchcard, then began dancing on his desk, threw all his money at his colleagues and sent one of them out for champagne. He then phoned his girlfriend to tell her of the ‘great’ news and was rushing off to buy an Aston Martin.

But reality hit home 45 minutes later when he phoned the National Lottery claim hotline only to be told he had won nothing.

Moseley then went back to his boss, with his tail between his legs, pleading for his job back.

"I went from thinking I had a million quid to having to beg for my job back. I also had to ring the girlfriend and tell her I was a plonker,” Moseley said.

"I told Mike (Moseley’s boss) I loved my job and would he consider re-hiring me because I had just made a total prat of myself,” he added.

Moseley was given his job back only to resign a few days later after he received some good natured micky-taking. He now runs his own garage.

"He did get a bit of, I wouldn't say teasing, but he was called Chris Tarrant for a while," said Mike Earle, Moseley’s boss.

A Camelot spokesman underlined the need for players to be certain their tickets are winners before celebrating.

"Unfortunately in this case he thought he had won and acted before double checking. We would always advise people before they take any drastic action to give us a call to check the details on the card and confirm whether it’s a winner or not. Telling the boss to 'stick their job' is not a good idea until we have given you your cheque."

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2006-12-05 11:46:19

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