“The Milkman” loses £1 million bet

Brian Wright, nicknamed “The Milkman” because he always delivered, faces up to the stark reality today that he will spend his last years in prison, after years of evading British authorities.

“The Milkman”, a suave, charismatic gambler who enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle was so certain that he would never face trial that he was willing to put up £1 million against anyone’s £1 on the matter.

Wright was named as Britain’s richest criminal in a BBC television programme and was thought to be worth at least £500 million.

The jury at London’s Woolwich Crown court, after a two month case, found Wright guilty of conspiracy to evade prohibition on the importation of drugs and conspiracy to supply drugs.

The outcome left British authorities overjoyed, ending an 11-year investigation after being taunted by Wright’s brazen bet.

“He can now regret that remark at his leisure. We are going to take back every penny he made from crime,” a source close to Custom Officers remarked.

Wright was revealed as the head of an international drugs network, with 15 members of his gang, including his son Brian, jailed in 2002 for up to 200 years.

He had been on the run for many years after stints living in Northern Cyprus and Spain and apparently didn’t exist. He had no passport, no bank account and was not registered for National Insurance.

Wright, who was born in Ireland, moved to England when he was 12. He had jobs as a bookie’s runner, a casino croupier and an unlicensed bookmaker. Luck certainly shinned on Wright and incredibly won two £1 million bets on the St Leger in 1989 and 1998. Wright had a love for horse-racing and held a box at Royal Ascot for 14 years.

However, because of his inside contacts in the racing world rumours and allegations that he was involved in fixing results were rife.

With Judge Peter Moss set to pass sentence on Wright today, luck has certainly run out on “The Milkman”.

Editor, Jackpot.co.uk - 2007-04-03 11:21:21

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