Online Bingo Beginners Guide

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Bingo is no longer the preserve of the blue rinse brigade. It's true, bingo is stepping out of the suburban bingo halls and onto your screens. Over the past year online bingo has grown exponentially where it has proved to be hugely popular amongst a wide range of people from all walks of life. Many see online bingo as being less stuffy than online casinos, the stakes are low and the emphasis is on having fun. If you become a member of an online bingo site you are becoming a part of an ever-growing community. The bingo games are very much centered around chat, players are encouraged to chat to each other and the bingo host or Chat Master as they are refered to will offer online tips, advice and support. If you are lucky they may even give you a free card or two.

Above all online bingo is all about fun. The games are fast and exciting generally the sites are bright and colourful, often themed with great graphics. Some bingo sites allow you to buy cards from just 10p and often with jackpots reaching £3000 - £15,000. So you can have a sneaky game of bingo live with your friends whilst having a chat without breaking the bank, much more fun than MSN Messenger, Yahoo or AOL IM!

Here at Jackpot we keep our ears to the ground and we think that 2005 will be the year for online British Online Bingo. So eyes down as we tell you everything you need to know about online bingo, new beautiful game.

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