UK college helps students get casino jobs

Middlesbrough College Gambling

Middlesbrough College is hedging its bets on some of its newest students securing jobs in the casino industry thanks to an innovative new course.

According to reports, the college is just one of four across England that offers an NVQ Level Two course in Gambling Operations. This month, the college's first graduates are set to enjoy a massive celebration at Middlesbrough FC after successfully completing their six-week-long course.

The NVQ is taught by Rob Kidd, who has over twenty years experience in the gaming industry, and he says it's been an amazing success. Whilst many students are school-leavers with no previous work experience, others include an ex-businessman and a former soldier.

Alongside studying compliance and gambling legislation, the students have been learning how to be a successful casino croupier, and getting to grips behind the poker, roulette, and blackjack tables. One element of the course requires the students to apply for a Personal Function Licence from the Gambling Commission, which allows them to operate as professional croupiers in future employment.

This new breed of graduate will be primed and ready to take on a wide range of gaming industry jobs in locations such as bookmakers, land-based casinos, and even cruise ships.

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