The beginning of the end for Marvel slots

Marvel slots

It's with much disappointment that we heard of Disney's intention to phase out their popular Marvel-themed slots.

Game developers such as Playtech, who've been providing many of these games since 2009, will be affected by the studio's decision to not renew any of its existing licensing agreements which are expected to expire over the next two to three years.

Marvel slots have proved extremely popular among the online casino community, offering big multi-level progressive jackpots in Playtech games like Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin, as well as Cryptologic slots including Wolverine, Fantastic Four, and Thor.

The reason behind Disney's intention to phase out these popular games is that the studio giant allegedly wishes to distance itself from both the online and land-based gambling industry. In Florida particularly, where physical casinos are currently expanding, much of the area's tourism comes from Disneyworld, and it seems as though Disney now feel that benefitting from gambling revenues does not fit with its famous family-friendly image and reputation that it's worked so hard to build.

However, according to one industry expert, Susan Biddle (a leading lawyer and consultants), "other brands will quite quickly fill any space" left by Disney's withdrawal from the market.

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