Silver Lining for Cypriot Casino Players

Cypriot Flag

As part of the plan to get the economy back on track the President of Cyprus is discussing lifting the ban on casinos, which although would delight everyone who enjoys playing in casinos would be violently opposed by the church.

They have long protested that gambling causes problems and are a major reason why gambling is not easy to do in Cyprus. Just last year online casinos were also banned, so it will be a real reversal of policy if casinos, both online and land based, are made legal.

Cyprus has been in the news a lot recently, having to go cap in hand for a bail out, to prevent the collapse of the two largest banks on the island, which saw depositors lose part of their funds in order to get the deal approved.

They do say though that every cloud has a silver lining and that certainly seems the case in Cyprus, for any casino lovers. The country has always been against gambling and despite several attempts to open one over the years the government has always refused, sending casino players across the border into the northern occupied part of Cyprus. This has seen a steady stream of money away from the Cypriot economy, as well as an inconvenience for players.

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