Proporsed Bath Casino Suffers Setback

Bath councilThe council in charge of Bath's new casino...

Global Gaming Ventures (GGV) have failed to attain an 18 month extension which would allow them more time to turn their provincial licence into a premises licence.

The company are scheduled to run the first casino in Bath, but received the answer from Bath and North East Somerset council on the time limit imposed.

Originally they were granted 12 months do this, dating from August and went to the council asking for an 18 month extension.

This was not granted, although a 6 month extension was agreed on by the licensing committee, so they now have until February 2014.

The casino is part of a £14 million development which, as well as the casino, will include two restaurants and a hotel. The Saw Close development is expected to regenerate the area, bringing both jobs and money. The first phase has been completed and the second phase is hoped to be started at the beginning of 2014, taking approximately a year to complete.

The casino is of particular importance to the development, as the council will get at least £15,000 each month when the casino is open, as well as a one-off payment of £250,000 from it, with 50% due now and the remaining 50% due upon completion. The project involves 120 construction jobs and full-time employment for 80 people in the casino.

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