Phil Ivey picking a fight with Genting

Crockfords CasinoInside Crockfords Casino. Photo: Mark Whitfield...

World famous poker player Phil Ivey is suing the London casino Crockfords claiming that it has refused to pay up after he won more than £7.5 million.

Ivey, who has won nine World Series of Poker bracelets to date, visited the casino in August of last year where he enjoyed playing some high stakes punto banco. As he's probably accustomed to by now, he had quite a good time there winning around £7.8 million.

After months of disputes, Ivey finally stepped his pursuit of the winnings up a notch by instructing his legal team to file for legal action at the High Court in London on Tuesday.

Despite Ivey claiming to have a receipt for the winnings that he's owed, owners of the Crockfords Club, Genting, have vowed to fight the battle in court and told the BBC that they would be "defending this claim vigorously".

In a statement made by Ivey this week, he revealed that he's played at the Mayfair-based casino numerous times over the years and has always paid up when he lost.

Given that Genting aren’t short of money and have casinos all over the world including more than 30 in the UK, it’s unlikely to be that they can't pay up. However, they have not revealed the reason why the winnings haven't been paid.

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