New Lottery Format Finds First Winner

Arizona's new Weekly Winnings prize was scooped by a Tucson resident in only the game's second week.

On Friday September 28th, the unnamed lucky winner claimed the prize of $1,000 each week for a 12 month period. His tickets were bought while out on a delivery route, inspired not only by the hefty top prize, but also by the favourable odds that made a win seem likely.

"Thanks to the Arizona Lottery for this new game - I still can't believe I won!" the winner enthused afterwards.

Prize money is based on $1,000 per week over the course of a year and is tax-free thanks to the lottery paying the tax for you. Alternatively, the prize can also be claimed as a lump sum of $52,000 - and that's just what this winner chose to do, in order to pay for a much-needed medical procedure.

The director of budget, products and communications for the Arizona Lottery, Karen Bach called it "a thrill" to meet and speak with the winner, and added that she hopes to see more top-prize winners on the game over the coming months.

Weekly Winnings was only introduced on September 23rd, and is unique in the Arizona Lottery gaming structure, with six chances to win on each ticket bought. To win the top prize of $1,000 a week players have to match all four numbers in the '$1,000 a week for one year' category.

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