Leeds Super Casino Location to be Announced

Leeds City Council

The ongoing saga over the massive Leeds casino complex is finally nearing its end.

News in suggests that after six long years the battle for the licence to operate the largest casino in Leeds will finally be settled and the winning bid announced.

Our regular readers will have seen our previous coverage regarding the casino, but if you have missed our previous news stories then see below for a brief list of the most important developments.

  • 2007 – The then Labour Government gave a panel the opportunity to recommend suitable locations for large casino premises. Locations suggested for the casinos included Leeds, Hull, Middlesbrough, Manchester and Blackpool along with three other major cities. The House of Lords finally rejected the new plans for the super casinos.
  • 2008 – Government announced that three locations, Middlesbrough, Leeds and Hull had in fact been approved for large casinos to be created.
  • 2012 – after continued delays, bids were finally invited for the project in Leeds. Five applications were received, one of those being from Grosvenor Casinos.
  • 2013 – Only two bids remained for the Leeds project Global Gaming Ventures (GGV) and Leeds United – Grosvenor was no longer a contender after pulling out.

Of these two final bids we will have to wait and see in the next few days who finally gains approval – and we can't help wondering if the super casino will ever finally open in Leeds, and if so if it will be another five years before we will report on the opening.

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