Gambling revenue due to pass $500 billion in 2016

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Global gambling revenue is expected to continue to grow and pass the $500 billion mark in 2016 according to the latest research by Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC).

This is despite growth slowing significantly in 2012 because of poor performance in some of the biggest Europe markets – principally Spain. Total gambling revenues rose by just 2% in 2012 to $430 billion – after having increased by more in previous years.

In stark contrast to the below par performance of European markets, gambling revenue in Asia rose by 5% and increased its share of world revenues. The continent now accounts for 32% of all gambling revenue while Europe's share has dropped to 28%.

Similar growth patterns are expected in the coming years with GBGC predicting that gambling revenues in Asia alone will near $200 billion in 2017 while Europe will see a less significant increase.

These figures come from the eighth edition of the GBGC Global Gambling Report which is now available.

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