Gambler Wins $55 Million in Casino Jackpot Lawsuit

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An American-Vietnamese gambler hit the big time with an unbelievable $55 million jackpot slot win in a Vietnamese Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, however, he is still waiting to receive his winnings.

The machine he was playing on had a max pay-out of $46,000 but the huge multimillion dollar figure flashed up but the machine owner immediately dismissed the figure as a glitch.

The player, Ly Sam, filed a law suit for his winning and has recently received some positive news.

On 7th January it was decided that the casino owner would have to pay him the winning money. However, a representative of the casino immediately came back with the statement that they would be appealing the verdict in the coming days. They declared themselves very disappointed with the court verdict, citing that the player had no evidence for his winning game.

It's actually against the law in Vietnam for Vietnamese citizens to gamble in any form; however as Ly Sam is an American he has been gambling at this particular hotel since 2005. The win in question took place in 2009 and has been disputed ever since.

The case is unlike any other and if Ly Sam were to win the case and receive his winnings he would smash all previous world records for slot machine pay-outs.

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