Gala Casino Killer Jailed

Gala Casino Hill Street BirminghamGala Casino on Hill Street where the winner was stalked. Photo: Elliot Brown...

A man who killed a Gala Casino winner has been sentenced to life imprisonment after a 5 day trial held in Birmingham Crown Court.

The victim, Shaspal Singh Bahra, won £3000 in the Gala Casino on Hill Street, Birmingham but the 46 year old was stabbed on his way home and suffered multiple wounds, with the fatal one being a blow to his heart.

Mohammed Muqtar was alleged to have entered the casino with the sole purpose of finding a winner and robbing them of their winnings. In this case Bahra was the unlucky victim who the 25 year old followed and attacked with a knife. After leaving the scene with the money Muqtar then called his friends and told them that drinks were on him as the frequent gambler callously spent the winnings Bahra had only recently collected.

Following the trial Muqtar was given a life sentence by Judge Melbourne Inman QC who ordered him to serve at least 30 years in jail. The robbery was described by Det Sgt Bastin from West Midlands Police as a callous murder which was motivated by greed. Rukhsana Mohammed from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service also commented that it was a planned robbery with brutal violence.

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