Derren Brown banned from Birmingham Casino

Derren Brown outside Broadway Casino BirminghamDerren Brown outside Broadway Casino Birmingham (Pic: Derren Brown Facebook)...

Lady luck wasn't shining on illusionist Derren Brown this weekend after he wasn't even allowed to play at Broadway Plaza Casino in Birmingham.

Brown was attempting to play some blackjack with friends on a night out during his UK tour but was escorted from the casino and subsequently banned.

But rather than reacting negatively, like most people would when being kicked out of a casino, Brown took it all in his stride and even complimented the casino on Twitter.

He posted a photo of himself outside the casino along with the message: "After being politely escorted from @BroadwayCasino (sic). Lovely people, great food, very generous bunch."

By the sounds of it, this isn't exactly Brown's debut at this kind of thing. He admitted that he's been banned from playing at many UK casinos and wasn't surprised by it.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise to us either given that one of Brown's Channel Four shows that have aired in the past was titled 'How to Beat a Casino'. In this show he took £5,000 from a member of the public to bet on a single spin of the roulette wheel. While this bet actually turned out to be wrong (he selected the number next to the winning number on the wheel), some people have suggested that he got it wrong on purpose.

Once again proving their exceptional ability to capitalise on current events, the folks at Paddy Power have already been trying to get in touch with Brown to tell him that he's still able to play at their online and mobile casinos.

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