Cartoon Network on naughty step over Coral ad

Cartoon Network Coral ad

The operators of kid's television channel Cartoon Network is in trouble after broadcasting a Coral gambling advert nine times.

The ad appeared over a two-hour period on Saturday morning after a mistake was made. Seven complaints were made by viewers to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) – a number that would probably have been much higher if more of the viewers were old enough to know what the ASA is.

Turner Broadcasting is the company which owns the Cartoon Network as well as the Boomerang channel and they "apologised unreservedly" while putting the broadcast down to an error.

What makes this mistake look even worse is the fact that the ad itself featured the Incredible Hulk as part of a promotion surrounding the Marvel slots series. This child-friendly theme is common across online casino games but in this circumstance appears to be an unfortunate coincidence.

The ASA are certainly no strangers to gambling ads as they are often complained about regarding misleading or inappropriate content. The industry has even agreed not to schedule adverts offering gambling services before 9pm.

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