Branded Slots Primed to Attract Younger Gamblers in Las Vegas

IGT's Batman SlotIGT's Batman Slot

Themed slots are a big hit online and now Las Vegas casinos are to be encourage to use them in order to attract younger gamers.

Following the G2E Global Gaming Expo at the start of October, Macquarie Securities gaming analyst Chad Beynon told Las Vegas Business Press of a developing trend in the industry.

"For the second consecutive year, suppliers have made a concerted effort to produce games focused for a younger generation," he explained.

Among them were machines that combine traditional slots gaming with amusement park rides, adding a new dimension to the classic one-arm or button-push fruit machines that have become icons of gaming floors the world over.

Beynon also noted the price suppliers are willing to pay in order to license a big brand name for their latest slots - from Sex and the City, to Grease, Ghostbusters, Batman, and Battleships.

Even the songs of Michael Jackson are now fair game for slots developers with the funds to cover the licensing fees.

The hope is that attracting a new type of slots player to Las Vegas. The stereotypical image of a white-haired old lady perched on a bar stool and still straining to reach the coin slot is one that Las Vegas casinos are desperate to change.

As the fans of the brands in question, it will be interesting to see if the average age of in-casino slots gamers drops from the stereotypical retiree looking to boost their pension pot.

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