Bishop of Southampton Opposes Super Casino

Royal Pier SouthamptonRoyal Pier in Southampton as it is today...

Despite numerous benefits for the local area the Bishop of Southampton, Reverend Canon Jonathan Frost has continued to rally against the proposed Southampton super casino meant for Royal Pier.

Southampton is one of eight councils in the UK who were given the opportunity to house a super casino. The potential site for this is the Royal Pier, which will not only regenerate the area, but will also bring many jobs, giving a huge boost to the local economy.

He first spoke against the whole idea of the project, but now has taken a slightly different approach and is pressing the council to examine the companies who are submitting bids to run the super casino and to see what measures they are planning to take, to combat problem gambling.

He wants the council to not just consider the financial benefits the casino could bring to the area, but also the social implications which might be involved. He also wants the councillors to consider problems faced by gamblers including debt, relationship issues, mental health and social problems and has requested that the project sets aside some money for debt counselling charities.

In response a council solicitor stated that an impact study on problem gamblers would be carried out and that representatives from various agencies and the Primary Care Trust were on the interviewing panel.

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