Betfair Cue Up Snooker Sponsorship

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Betfair, the online casino operator, has just announced that they will be sponsoring the 76th edition of the World Snooker Championship, which is played in Sheffield at the famous Crucible Theatre.

This will be their first time sponsoring the event, but they have previously sponsored the Snooker Shoot-Out Tournament, held in Blackpool and The Master's, at London's Alexandra Palace, which was an invitation only event.

The World Snooker Championship will give Betfair Casino extensive coverage, not only is it on TV for a minimum of 120 hours, but will be viewed by an audience of 360 million people, scattered all over the world. The event will run from 20th April – 6th May and will be re-named the Betfair World Championship with Ronnie Sullivan, who has already won it 4 times, appearing to defend his title.

Gaming sites are always striving to publicise their brand, as name awareness is an important part of attracting new players. Sites know that if a player, whether they are looking to play casino, bingo or poker, will feel more comfortable playing at a site they have previously heard of. This is why many sites have gone outside of the gaming world to sponsor TV programmes, sports and teams in all sorts of fields, as they seen it as a great opportunity to get their name across to a wider audience.

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