Barona Casino Debut New Lottery

Barona Casino Lottery

The Barona Resort and Casino in Southern California has launched a new lottery in which entrants have the chance to win as much as $300,000.

Named the Barona Lottery, this new game will be taking place every Tuesday at the San Diego casino for customers on site.

The first draw was made on October 2nd, with weekly selections of winning numbers continuing throughout the month and the jackpot starting at $20,000. Each week it is not won, another $10,000 is added to the jackpot, and you'll need to match four numbers on your ticket to claim your share.

Of course, if you hit the jackpot and nobody else does, you'll scoop the full amount of whatever's in the pot.

Drawings are made at 4pm and 8pm local time, with entry open to anyone who's earned 250 myPOINTS or more at the resort that day.

Rick Salinas, general manager of Barona Resort & Casino, says: "It's thrilling for our guests, and satisfying for us, to be able to make a night out even more memorable."

Even if you only match two numbers, you're still into the prizes, with payouts starting from $50 as a minimum, and an impressive $500 for matching three numbers.

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