Baccarat Boosts Las Vegas Strip Casino Revenues

The Las Vegas StripThe Las Vegas Strip

Revenues at casinos along the Las Vegas Strip were buoyed by baccarat in August, reports the analyst GamblingData.

Overall, revenues were largely unchanged over the previous year, with a decline of just 1.2% in takings.

This took the Las Vegas Strip's rake as a whole to $490.9 million for the month - but drilling down into the figures reveals specific swings on a larger scale.

For example, while the total earnings of the casinos did not change by much, baccarat in particular saw double-digit growth.

This offset some of the decline elsewhere, and is a trend that could continue with the release of the James Bond film Skyfall, as baccarat is famously the preferred card game of the secret agent.

August's slight negative growth is also a return to the red for the Las Vegas Strip's long-term performance, after a particularly strong previous month.

In July, a massive swing in annual growth was seen, as the Strip saw its income expand by almost 30%, after falling by around 5% in June.

It remains difficult to predict how the Strip will fare on a month by month basis, meaning industry eyes will likely fall keenly on the Nevada Gaming Commission's statistical report for September when it is published in the coming weeks.

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