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Casino for Wolves at Molineux?

Will there be a casino at Wolverhampton Wanderers' Molineux stadium?

Editor, - 2009-11-26 16:39:42

IAAF defend against potential gambling scandals

The governing body for world athletics has acted promptly to reduce the risk of gambling scandals in the sport following the allegations made over Bob Woolmer’s death.

Editor, - 2007-03-27 11:23:05

More misery for NETeller

Times get bleaker still for the beleaguered online payment processor NETeller as they announce they will no longer process gambling-related transactions in Canada and Turkey.

Editor, - 2007-03-27 11:00:14

Super casino bid could falter

Opposition mounts over the decision to build the first super casino in Manchester.

Editor, - 2007-03-26 11:12:11

Peeping tom casino staff busted

Two casino security staff have been caught using security cameras to ogle women as they played in Caesars Casino, Atlantic City.

Editor, - 2007-03-23 12:33:05

Slots of fun for gambling nuns

Roman Catholic Bishops have been embarrassed by three nuns after photographs of the trio playing slots and blackjack have appeared on television.

Editor, - 2007-03-23 12:12:47

Woolmer bowled out by mafia?

Speculation grows that Bob Woolmer, former Pakistan cricket coach, was murdered by a betting mafia.

Editor, - 2007-03-23 11:45:01

Rank suffer after casino tax rise

Shares in Rank Group have tumbled after revealing the new gaming duty announced in the budget will cost the firm £8 a year.

Editor, - 2007-03-23 11:07:33

EC demands gambling rules change

The European Commission has demanded that Denmark, Finland and Hungary change their national sports betting rules or face the consequences.

Editor, - 2007-03-22 11:48:50

Budget tax setback for casinos

Gordon Brown’s announcement of a 15 per cent Remote Gaming Duty and a rise in tax levels for land-based casinos has left many in the gaming industry with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Editor, - 2007-03-22 11:14:18

Lottery winner reports for night shift

A $15 million lottery winner from Australia, the largest ever Oz Lotto prize draw in South Australia, still reports for his night shift.

Editor, - 2007-03-21 12:08:51

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