Mobile Casino Games

In the short time that they've been around, the quality and quantity of mobile casino games has increased immensely. Many casinos now have more than 20 different mobile games including slots, table and card games.

How to Play Mobile Casino Games

After having started off with a very limited selection of games, many mobile casinos now have as many as 20 different slots, table and card games. These games can come in two different formats – browser-based and app-based.

Browser-based games App-based games
Can be played on most phones and operating systems Some are native to a specific operating system (Android, iOS etc.)
No download required Initial download required and updates when applicable
Played through the casino's mobile site Launched from phone menu/home screen
Heavy use of bandwidth everytime you play Once downloaded, they require little mobile data to play
Games can be Java, HTML5 or Flash Apps can be downloaded from native stores or web

Both of these methods have their ups and downs but browser-based games are more commonly found. Often apps can just be a mobile website put in the shell of an app, so by downloading it all you're doing is just making it more accessible.

One other way of getting new casino games is to receive them by text message. This method requires you to input your phone number on a casino's website and select the game you want to play. A link will then be sent to your phone and clicking on it will open up a login/registration screen which in turn leads to a game.

JACKPOT TIP: For less technologically minded players, getting your games sent to your phone by text message is any easy way to get playing.

Mobile Casinos Keep Growing

While their selection is still considerably smaller than online casinos, players still get to choose from some of the most popular games. The games that you're most likely to find in a mobile casino are:


As is the case in their online counterparts, slots are the most common games in mobile casinos. Mobile slots can come in the form of traditional or video slots and some mobile operators even offer slots from multiple software providers.

Gameplay doesn't vary too much from online slots but being on a smaller screen does complicate things slightly. Buttons are a bit harder to press due to their size but some mobile slots do include pop-up menus when you wish to change your bet amount or spin the reels.

Thunderstruck mobile slotThe Thunderstruck slot on mobile...


No casino is complete without blackjack and mobile casinos are no different. Mobile blackjack games tend to be kept fairly simple and are without sidebets (which tend to lower the overall house edge anyway). It's most common for there to be just one blackjack game per casino.

All mobile blackjack games that we've come across have been single hand variations which allows for plenty of space for your betting options. When playing through a WiFi connection, in general the cards are dealt very quickly meaning that you play a couple of hands in no time at all.


Fortunately for roulette fans, mobile casinos tend to offer the single-zero European version of the game. Given the size of most mobile screens, roulette has been a bit of a challenge for mobile developers as they've attempted to make the games both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

This issue has been solved in two main ways. The first is that you see the table itself and only a small window appears when the ball is in motion and remains until the ball comes to rest. The second is a bird's eye view of the table and wheel with the option to scroll down to see the rest of the table. The latter option is the one employed in Playtech-powered mobile casinos and is the one that we prefer.

Mobile rouletteView of the wheel during mobile roulette...

Video Poker

As video poker can provide some of the highest payout percentages of all casino games, savvy casino players are likely to opt for a version of this card game.

Whereas online casinos are likely to have as many as 50 versions of the game, mobile casinos tend to just have one or two variations. The most common form of mobile video poker is Jacks or Better which can be found in both Microgaming and Playtech-powered mobile casinos. Due to the small screen size most mobile video poker games are single hand as there simply isn't enough room for any more.

Other Mobile Casino Games

Virtual racing and lottery/bingo style games can be found in some mobile casinos, particularly those powered by Spin3/Microgaming such as 32Red and Spin Palace. Baccarat, scratch cards, casino poker, fruit machines and even virtual sports games are also available in some mobile casinos.

If you think the selection of mobile games appears rather paltry then fear not. We can't stress enough just how much focus is being placed on developing new mobile games, so you can rest assured that there's going to be many more soon.