Millionaires Club

Cryptologic have been around for a long time creating online casino games and they've certainly learnt a few things along the way.

Starting Amount: £175,000

How to Win: Work your way through two bonus rounds

One of these pearls of wisdom that they continue to put into action is that online casino players love jackpot slots – and big jackpot slots at that!

Millionaires Club is certainly one of these and provides players with the feel of luxury as they hope to make there very own million. All of things associated with a million pound lifestyle can be seen in the slot including gold, diamonds, expensive cards, VIP tickets and, oddly, a pheasant.

This slot has been so popular that there have even been two updated versions of it and all three forms continue to keep players coming back. This is thanks to the two impressive bonus rounds, scatter symbols, wild icons and free spins. However the main attraction as always is the Millionaires Club progressive jackpot.

The Millionaires Club jackpot has allowed many players to join the millionaires club themselves over the years and will hopefully continue to do so.

To bag a win for yourself you need to enter the bonus round by revealing three or more scatter symbols. Following this you can progress to the next bonus round and here you have a chance to spin the reels to win the huge jackpot on offer.

One of the most notable of these players was Obaesso who won more than £5 million back in 2007. He was a blacksmith from Britain who was received the huge windfall while playing at InterCasino. Another British winner was able to benefit from £1,547,338 after winning the Millionaires Club jackpot in 2008.