Live Casino

There was a time where playing online casino games from your home was considered the pinnacle of gambling technology.

How times have changed, as now online casino players can watch their favourite games take place while interacting with the dealer and other players thanks to live casino games.

Live casino games have become popular with the sceptics among us who still believe that casino software is fixed (it's not by the way). For them, watching the game take place with real people proves that the games are fair and random.

Benefits of Live Casino Games

  • You don't need to worry about the fairness of an RNG.
  • TV quality presentation in real time to allow you to watch your game take place.
  • Easy to use interface with options to tailor your game to how you want it.
  • Allows for interaction with other players and the dealer.
  • High quality service from professional casino dealers and croupiers (including some very pretty girls).

Here we aim to take you through the best live casino games around and tell you what to expect. Unlike other online casino games, you can't play most live casino games for free so be sure to have a good read through the guide before you risk your hard earned money.

Live Dealer Games

We start off our guide by explaining the online casino games that can be played with a live dealer as well as how to play them. Given that some games combine online and live aspects, your gameplay can actually differ quite a lot from playing regular online casino games or playing in a land based casino.

Live Dealer Software

Aside from having different games, your live dealer experience can also vary depending on who made the software. This factor may have more of an impact on your game than you think as different games being offered and some companies just providing a better all round experience.

Live Dealers

It's probably not escaped your attention that many live casino dealers also happen to be attractive women. It's important to remember that while their good looks are definitely a bonus, they wouldn't be much use if they couldn't deal cards. Fortunately, we've been assured that every live dealer must have previous casino experience or go through rigorous training.