Live Casino Dealers

Players in land-based casinos will often find a dealer that they prefer to play with.

Whether this is down to superstition or simply because they enjoy having a chat with them, some will even go as far as to only play at the table where their favoured dealer is.

When online casinos first emerged, they took the dealer out of the equation as the play was determined by a random number generator. But now that live dealer casino games have increased in popularity the relevance of the casino dealer has returned.

Some live casinos have even begun to allow you to mark your favourite dealers so it's easier to find them when you log in. One casino that definitely does this is bet365 and we're sure we'll be seeing much more of this feature in the future.

For the time being, we've put together a collection of some of our favourite live casino dealers, so have a look and see whether you agree.


Kristiana Live Dealer

Straight from Playtech's live dealer studio in Riga, Latvia, Kristiana is known for being cheerful at all hours of the day. She also takes an interest in players and has been known welcome back players that haven't even played on her table for months.


Gunita Live Dealer

Another of Playtech's Latvian dealers is Margarita. Like her cocktail namesake, this dealer likes to jazz things up a bit and often does so by adding numerous accessories to her outfits.


Darya Live Dealer

As one of Evolution Gaming's most popular dealers, Darya's table is always full. Often found handing out blackjack cards, the only negative about playing at Darya's table is that you often face quite a wait just to get a seat at her table.


Gunita Live Dealer

Another PartyCasino favourite here is Olga who appears to get embarrassed quite easily. Not that she should, she's extremely good looking, very friendly and also deals the cards at a pretty impressive speed.


Tanya Live Dealer

Thanks to her bright red hair Tanya is a dealer that really stands out. As another of Playtech's ever-popular Latvian dealers, Tanya tends to be found on the blackjack tables and has even been known to comment in player forums from time to time.


Gunita Live Dealer

Another from Playtech's stable of live dealers is Sara. You're most likely to find Sara dealing at the baccarat tables at William Hill or a few of the other Playtech powered casinos. If you're yet to have a go at playing baccarat live then maybe she'll provide the extra encouragement that you need.


Gunita Live Dealer

BetVictor have been able to get their hands on one of Playtech's most popular dealers in the form of Gunitia. Listing her interests as music, medicine and travelling, Gunitia also lists blackjack as her favourite casino game.