Jackpot Winners

To show you just how many online casino jackpots are being won all of the time, we thought we would provide you with a feed of some of the latest jackpot winners.

Here you'll find out which games have recently paid out, how much the winning jackpot went for and where it was won. As you'll see from looking below, jackpots are won on a variety of games although the most common are jackpot slot wins.

The Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Wins

The chances are that most of the jackpots above are going to continue to increase – so even if they're not that big at the moment, believe us they will get bigger. The biggest casino jackpot wins have provided their lucky recipients with many millions of pounds.

Just to prove it, below are some of the biggest online casino jackpot wins of all time.

World Record Largest Online Slots Jackpot

The Guinness World Record for the largest online slots jackpot was won on September 24, 2011 by a 20-year old Norwegian man. This incredible win came on the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot and was worth £10,272,600.

The Mega Fortune slot is certainly well worth keeping an eye on as in 2011 alone it handed out more than £22 million to its players. That sum also included a £4.5 million jackpot that came in February 2011.

£4 Bet Wins Almost £5.5 Million

A Greek businessman was the incredibly lucky winner of more than £5,345,000 back in May 2009. The man, known as Giorgios M. won the amount by playing the ever-popular Mega Moolah progressive slot.

What makes this win even more impressive is the fact that it came following a bet of less than £4.

Blacksmith Wins £5 Million

A British blacksmith was the lucky winner this time around after he played on the Millionaire's Club slot. The win came on May 15, 2007 and was worth more than £5 million.

All we know about the winner was that his username was Obaesso, his profession and that he was 29 at the time of the win. He was presented a briefcase of money by supermodel Sophie Anderton not long after his incredible windfall.

Beginner Strikes Big

This tale should show beginners that you certainly don't have to be an online casino aficionado to win the big jackpots.

A player from Canada known as Silvana3 signed up to play at an online casino for the first ever time in 2009. Then after the 45-year old had wagered just £8 and had registered just six minutes before they won an impressive £180,000. This just goes to show that beginner's luck still counts when it comes to online casino jackpots.