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In the vast majority of cases online casinos conduct their business with honesty and integrity. The bottom line is that they want to stay in business and a little bad publicityis all it takes for them to fall out of favour and quickly go under. They need you. In this section we give you some background on how to spot a good online casino.

Beginners Guide

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 Introduction to UK Online Casinos

There are literally hundreds of Internet gambling casinos available. Some good, some bad and you need to know what to look for and where to play. This can be easier said than done; on the surface they are generally very similar. But don't let that fool you, choosing the wrong online casino for you can be a costly mistake.

Gambling on the internet has grown to monstrous proportions in a very short period of time, largely unbridled by rules and regulations. Politicians are in a quandary as to what to do and how to do it. In the meantime millions of Internet gamblers worldwide are rolling the dice and trusting in Lady Luck. It is the mission of this site to guide you through the maze of online gambling, avoiding the pit falls and dead ends and lead you to the perfect site for you. Check out our list of recommended online casinos.

With literally hundreds of online gaming sites choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. Some have staying power. Some are more sophisticated in terms of animation, sound and graphics. Some have a bigger variety of games, particularly in the slots and video poker categories. Some are pretty much meat and potatoes gambling, others are a gourmet gambler's delight.

You certainly cannot go by the advertising some of them put out in various publications and on the web. They're all going to say they are the best, they are all going to offer the best casino bonuses and they are going to have the best games and best payouts. But the truth of the matter is they all don't. The best way to go about it is to find out for yourself. All of the sites recommended on these pages are tried, tested and trusted. We have done the vetting - now it's down to you to browse around and decide which format takes your fancy.

Don't make any hasty decisions. All of the sites we feature on these pages allow you to practice by playing for fun. You will not only get a feel for the particular site, you will also get some experience using the site without risking anything. Find out as much as you possibly can about any online casino that interests you. Don't be fooled or influenced by the subjective information that is supplied on a site. By its very nature it will probably be biased. Seek out as much objective information as possible.

When you find an online casino that you like and are comfortable with you will be required to sign up on an online form if you want to establish an account and play for real money. If you do this via one of our links you will receive preferential special offers so when you are ready to take the plunge remember to come back to The information they will require of you may vary. For all practical purposes you will be anonymous; merely an account number with a personal password that allows you to log onto the online casino. Other sites might require your name and address but this will be confidential and not shared with any third parties.

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