Fruit Machines Jackpots

Jackpots have always been a key feature of fruit machines and are one of the most common ways of luring players into the fixed odds machines found around the UK.

Unfortunately for those players, the jackpots found in fruit machines are very rarely progressive and are usually just the biggest payout available. That's not to say that these fruit machine jackpots don't provide big wins, but when compared to progressive jackpots, they simply don't come close.

Not only are online fruit machine jackpots bigger but they also offer better odds of winning. These odds are helped by the fact that should you win the jackpot, you can be winning as much as £50,000 instead of the £30, £50 or £150 jackpots that many land-based fruit machines have (for example, the allowed jackpot amounts are governed by the type of gambling licence a premise holds that was issued by the Gambling Commission, and are relatively low) .

Fruit Machine Jackpot Pointers

  • Unlike land based fruit machine jackpots of up to £150, online fruit machines feature jackpots of up to £50,000
  • Online fruit machines are becoming more common and with that the jackpot amount rises
  • Treasure Island is the biggest and most famous fruit machine jackpot, with a £50,000 top prize
  • Stallionaire, Pandamonium also provide large jackpots
  • Microgaming online casinos also feature fruit machines with considerable jackpots

While online fruit machine jackpots are becoming more common, there still aren't that many around when you compare them to slots jackpots. So in order to help you know what you're looking for we've collected information on some of the biggest and best fruit machine jackpots available online.

Treasure Island

There doesn't really need to be too much said about the Treasure Island online fruit machine. All you need to know is that it has the biggest fruit machine jackpot available online - £50,000!

Not only that but there are nudges, holds, hi/lo gambles and a features board all designed to help you get there.


This fruit machine takes on a slightly different approach. This approach mainly comes from the fact that it's based on a rock star Panda – and you don't get many of those around anymore!

Most importantly, the jackpot is worth £20,000 and even includes a repeat chance feature providing you with more chances to get that big win.


Like many other online fruit machines, Stallionaire takes on a horse racing theme and uses it to good effect.

There are all of the usual fruit machine bonus features available as well as an impressive £10,000 jackpot.

Other Fruit Machine Jackpots

Of course the fruit machines above aren't the only ones that provide big online jackpots. There are many more with Microgaming casinos housing more than twelve different online fruit machines.

Of these, the most recognisable will be the Deal or No Deal fruit machine which continues to keep players happy regardless of whether it's online, offline, as a slot, game or a fruit machine. Other online fruit machines that you may recognise include Rainbow Riches, Pub Fruity, Cops N Robbers and Winning Wheels which can be found in the games section of many casinos.