Credit Cards

There were 165.3 million credit cards active in the UK in 2010 and these were responsible for 46% of the 717 million card payments totalling over £54 billion.

It's no surprise then that credit cards are an extremely popular and versatile method for depositing into an online casino.

If credit cards are the common choice of that many people, then there must be a reason. Credit cards offer a high level of convenience by allowing you to deposit instantly and safely and (depending on your card), you can spread the cost of gaming over a few months. Furthermore, many casinos allow you to register multiple cards on the same account allowing you to spread the cost of gambling across different bank accounts. OK, so they maybe very versatile but you still need to have a grip on how much you spend. Never lose sight on the budget that you've set yourself.

Advantages of UK Credit Cards

Reasons to Use

  • Quick and easy.
  • All online casinos accept credit cards.
  • No charges from online casinos.
  • Multiple cards can be registered.
  • Spread the cost of gambling online.
  • Funds will be returned in the unlikely event of the operator going bust.

Reasons Not to Use

  • If you're not good a budgeting, avoid using credit cards. It may end in tears.
  • You may incur higher interest rates from some card issuers.
  • You can only withdraw funds back onto MasterCards that are issued in the UK.

In the UK, MasterCard have regulations that only allow casinos to return any money back onto MasterCard credit cards issued in the country. So for non-UK MasterCard holders you will have to withdraw onto an eWallet, cheque or if you wish to pay a small fee, wire transfer.

UK-issued credit card holders also benefit from the fact that, in the unlikely event that a casino goes bust, they're entitled to receive their funds back. This is thanks to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act which allows customers to claim £100 - £30,000 back should there be a breach of contract or misrepresentation by the supplier (casino).

Casino Credit Card Fees

Like all good things, there's always a flipside... If you use your credit card to deposit at a casino, some issuers will charge you a slightly higher interest rate. It's often the same rate you get for withdrawing cash from your credit card and called a ‘cash advance fee'. But it's always best to check with your credit card issuer to see if they do charge and if so how much. research shows that the following credit card issuers charge higher rates:

  • RBS (excluding Platinum accounts)
  • Barclays (Barclaycard)
  • Halifax
  • NatWest
  • Nationwide
  • Santander