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Craps is a very popular US casino game. However over the past few years it's started to find its way into UK casinos. Casino craps can be as simple or as complicated to play as you wish. It has a wider variety of bets than any casino game and the more, the merrier - the greater the selection of bets, the more advantageous the play. With this in mind, some versions of online craps for the serious player can leave a lot to be desired; craps can be a poor substitute for its real green-felt counterpart.

There are no paytables to fool around with in craps. The mathematics of the game are a constant with the exception of field bets and proposition bets. In the field, for example, doubling the payoff for snake eyes and boxcars makes the field wager somewhat more acceptable. However if a casino triples the odds on one of the numbers it can be much more attractive from an odds standpoint.

Taking advantage of the best odds in craps make pass and don't pass, come and don't come and placing bets on the numbers six and eight essential to have. Another serious con­sideration is free odds. A casino must offer double odds or better if you want to make it a game worth playing. If there are only single odds just close it down and look for a better game.

You must be on guard for house rules too. If an online casino requires you to bet the line in order to make other bets this is a negative when it comes to enjoying the freedom the real version of the game offers.

Appealing graphics and animation are at a premium when playing craps on line. It's just a matter of shopping around and not jumping into the very first game you find. Check out our section on Craps Rules for more information.

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