Casino War

Having been adapted from the original card game named war, the game casino war was born with a sizeable amount of keen players from the start.

Essentially all that's happened to change the game war into casino war is to put it on a blackjack table and add a proposition bet to it. Despite considerable criticism about the game from die-hard casino game players, casino war can be found in most online casinos.

Casino War Headlines

  • Casino war is an adapted version of the card game War.
  • It can be found is most casinos and is very easy to play. All you do is bet and see whether your card is higher than the dealer's.
  • Betting on a tie has the biggest payout at 10:1. A regular win is paid out at 1:1.
  • Go to war for a low house edge but never bet on a tie.

Among those who have actually played the game, it's regarded as the easiest casino game to learn and play – especially for fans of the original game. But having very few betting options means that even if you don't know the game, it won't take you long to learn it.

How to Play Casino War

  1. Place your bet and click deal. The amount that you bet depends entirely on the casino's wagering limits.
  2. The dealer gives you one card which is face up and deals themself a face up card.
  3. If your card is higher than the dealer's card, you win. If it's not then you lose – it's that simple!
  4. However, if it's a tie then you have the chance to 'go to war' or surrender. Going to war results in you doubling your bet. Surrendering gives you half your bet back.
  5. You receive another card while the dealer receives three down cards and one up card.
  6. The sum of your cards and the dealer's two up cards compete, and the highest wins.

Surrendering on a tie includes a house edge of 3.7%, but going to war reduces it to 2.88%, so the latter makes financial sense. Although the payout for the tie bet is 10:1 and may seem attractive, be wary. Betting on a tie like you can do in the Microgaming version of casino war is not recommended, as it has a house edge of 18.65%.

Microgaming Casino War Casino War at Spin Palace - winning on a tie against the odds.

Casino War Developments

As we mentioned at the beginning of this casino war guide, the game has been adapted from the original card game of war.

This original game is a children's game while casino war is viewed as an adult version of it. Traditional war has now more or less now been replaced by video games and television – apparently we live in a digital age.

War in its original format consisted of two players receiving half a deck of playing cards each with the intention of getting all of the cards. To do this you would lay down a card at the same time as your opponent with the player whose card is highest keeping both of them.

Should the cards have had the same number on them then the 'war' would begin. Here both players would place three cards down facing down and one facing up. The player with the higher up card would take all of the cards that had been laid down.

This section of the game has been adapted to suit the needs of the casino but the rest of it is pretty much exactly the same.