Casino Promotions

It's really quite hard to overemphasise just how varied online casino promotions can be.

In over 10 years of monitoring online casinos at, we've seen just about everything given away, ranging from Hollywood movie roles to plain old coffee makers!

Types of Casino Promotions

The phrase 'online casino promotions' is a fairly broad term that can include a wide range of different offers from straight up percentage bonuses to physical prizes and experiences. However, there are a few tried and tested promotion methods that online casinos tend to stick to when running promotions. Below are some of the most commonly found.

Wager Based and VIP Giveaways


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Almost all the casinos listed on offer some kind of wager based promotions and VIP giveaways. As you would have guessed, these are all based on how much you wager. If you wager a certain amount a month then you'll either get points you can redeem for cash, entry into a prize draw for a large prize or a straight forward gift from the casino.

To show just how amazing some of these promotions can be, below is a short list of some of the prizes that have been offered over the years:

  • 24-carat diamonds (we've only seen one but still worth a mention)
  • Gold bars (Various weights and sizes)
  • Hollywood movie roles (Intercasino did this)
  • Holidays - lots of them (Caribbean –we Brits love a bit of that Caribbean it seems)
  • Cash in hand bonuses (Usually £1,000 +)
  • Computers and laptops (Lenovo, MacBook)
  • Watches (Rolex and Omega brands)
  • Mobile phones (iPhone mainly)
  • Cars (BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Mini)

This list just scratches the surface of what's out there. However, it's worth bearing in mind that the casinos which offer the biggest prizes aren't necessarily the best ones. So if you do see what looks like an amazing promotion, be sure to dig a bit deeper.

InterCasino Space Promotion InterCasino even offered this impressive prize.

Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments (or tourneys as some call them) may be one of the most popular promotional formats in bricks and mortar casinos, but for some reason only a few online casinos do them properly. They often run over a predetermined time frame with only a certain amount of seats available, so you have to be quick. They're very appealing as they're easy to play and for a relatively small buy-in the winner/s can walk away with a massive profit. The casinos love them as they get players to register at the casino and cost very little, if anything, to run.

The most common tournament format is as follows:

  1. Players pay a buy-in ranging from £1.00 to £20.
  2. These funds are placed in a prize pool (casino takes a small % as profit).
  3. Limit on players is reached. Typically around 40-100. The bigger the number of players, the bigger the prize pool.
  4. Tournament starts and ends.
  5. The 10 players with the biggest coin score share the prize pool.

In some cases the casino will have a fixed prize pool and/or fund it themselves without taking a cut of the buy-in.

Casino Races

Similar to tournaments, online casino races require players to sign up and play certain games where they earn points. However, rather than the players with the most points at the end winning, casino races provide prizes to players that earn a set amount of points first.

Casino races tend to offer slightly lower prizes than tournaments but can be great ways of earning extra cash if you get there in good time.


Know someone who also likes gambling online? Well refer-a-friend is just what you need. Casino will pay you money if you get one of your friends to register and deposit.

This list is not exhaustive so it's always best to check the promotions page of the casino for the latest freebies on offer.