Casino Jackpots

Casino jackpots, or more precisely progressive jackpots, are just what they sound like, jackpots that progressively get bigger and bigger until they pay out. Each person that plays a progressive jackpot game contributes to that particular progressive jackpot. You will find that most progressive jackpots are usually in the form of slot machines and video poker - mainly because slot style casino games lend themselves to progressives, due to the speed of play.

The progressive jackpots themselves are contributed to by the customers who play them and by more than just one online casino. For example, all casinos with Microgaming software have the same progressive slots on each casino (the same applies to Playtech and Cryptologic casinos). With thousands of people playing the same progressive game and contributing to the same jackpot these jackpots get bigger and bigger and more often than not run into the thousands, some of them regularly go well over the million pound mark.

The same idea has been used in traditional land based casinos for years and in the UK, bingo has ‘The National Game’ which operates on the same principle.

 Progressive Jackpots Directory

We’ve compiled a list and brief description of the top progressive jackpots from Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic casinos. Some of the larger jackpots to look out for are Millionaires Club and Rags to Riches from Cryptologic; the Major Millions and Cash Splash slots from Microgaming and the Gold Rally progressive jackpot slot from Playtech. The jackpots on these progressives regularly reache up to £800,000 plus. When these jackpots drop (someone hits the jackpot) the world knows about it! Don’t think that you need to be a high roller to hit the jackpot, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of players hitting the progressive jackpots having onloy spent a few pounds.

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