Casino Jackpot Timeline

Casino jackpots have come a long way from the top prizes that once served as the highlight of games.

Before the internet the most you could hope for was a win of 100x or 250x your bet – a paltry figure compared to the current progressive jackpots that can be worth tens of millions.

Progressive jackpots were only really welcomed into common casino gaming in the 1980s and boy we're glad that they were. Now progressive jackpots are one of the main attractions of casino games with their ability to turn a small bet into a huge win.

While jackpot wins don't come around all that often, when they do it tends to be pretty special. To serve as proof, we've summarised a few of our favourite wins below in this jackpot timeline.

  • March 2001: Most online casino jackpots tend to be from slots but one player at The Sands of the Caribbean Casino won an impressive £150,000 jackpot playing Caribbean stud poker.
  • June 2004: Microgaming's first ever European millionaire winner (when measured in US$) was Joaqium M who won £937,171. Joaquim won at Jackpot City and was paid his entire amount in full.
  • October 2005: The Jackpot Madness progressive jackpot operated by Microgaming paid out more than £3.15 million to 100 different players in just one month.
  • May 2006: The first jackpot to pay out $200 million (£129 million) in total is Microgaming's Jackpot Madness.
  • November 2006: Leah A from London wasn't content with her £278,557 win on the Major Millions slot so she carried on playing and just hours later won the same jackpot after it had been reset for £161,632.
  • May 15 2007: More than £4 million was won by a 29-year old blacksmith at InterCasino. The man, who even called the casino to check that he had actually won, hit his jackpot playing the Millionaire's Club slot which paid out a further £2.5 million just two weeks later.
  • July 2007: One of Playtech's biggest jackpot to date was won by Heinrich S on the Beach Life slot. The win was worth more than £3 million and came at African Palace Casino.
  • April 2008: A Finnish casino player named Klaus E won £3,581,695 from playing the Mega Moolah slot. Klaus admitted to usually being a poker player and that he rarely even played casino.
  • May 2009: £5,466,147.83 is won by a player known only as Giorgios M from Greece. He won playing the Mega Moolah slot at River Belle casino.
  • September 24 2011: A 20-year old Noweigan man set a world record in 2011 by winning £10,272,600 on the NetEntertainment slot Mega Fortune at Betsson. At the time this was confirmed by Guinness World Records as the largest online slots jackpot ever.
  • February 2012: The Beach Life slot created a £5.1 million jackpot for a winner from Ayrshire in Scotland. The winner had placed just a £1 bet and became the largest UK slots jackpot winner.
  • June 2012: Lisa Potter from Oxfordshire won £1.3 million while playing Ladbrokes Bingo after getting bored of her partner watching the Euro 2012 football.
  • 2018 (predicted): Back in August 2010, research by Carmen Media predicted that in 2018 the average size of a progressive jackpot win would be more than $1 million (£750,000).