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In video poker, one factor that distinguishes the good games from the bad games are the pay tables, which are in full view for everyone to see (at least they should be). If you wish to start playing the casino game, you need to learn how to play online video poker games, which is where we come in. However, first and foremost, if you don't see the video poker game's pay table online, don't play. It's that simple. When you do see the poker paytable, examine it carefully before you even think about playing. The information contained in it is critical to your play. If you need further information on the game, visit our video poker rules section.

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It is an unfortunate generalisation when playing video poker on an online casino that the game is nowhere near as advantageous for the player as it is in a real casino. Many of the games with which you are familiar are altered to favour the house much more when playing online. Even though a version of the popular Jacks or Better may appear to offer full pay (that is 9/6 for the full house and flush) the paytable may be weaker in other premium hands such as four-of-a-kind and straight flush, which will reduce the overall return significantly.

Some of the reductions can be quite dramatic. Even on the most popular versions of video poker, which offer pay-backs very close to one hundred percent in most real casinos, online versions can dip into the low nineties if there is enough pay table manipulation. That's why you have to be wary, even if an online casino advertises a game as 9/6 Jacks or Better. It certainly may reflect correct returns for the full house and flush but payoffs for higher hands are liable to be slashed. Variety of games varies, but if you are given a variety of low paying games what's the difference? Online video poker is one game that requires serious players to shop around very carefully.

Most online casinos offer the whole gamut of denominations ranging from 25p to £5. You must check the default setting when switching from game to game. If you're playing a Jacks or Better game and jump over to Deuces Wild the default may go back to £5 so if you're not wanting to spend much keep an eye out for this.

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