Slot Machine Rules

Slots are straightforward to play and along with keno the easiest casino game to play. Strictly speaking there are no rules to playing online slot machines. You simply insert your coins and spin the reels. There is a horizontal line across the window of the slot machine. If a certain combination falls on the horizontal line when the reels stop you are a winner. Payouts vary so be sure to check out the pay table on each slot. If there is no pay table do not play the game.

 The odds of Slots Machines

It is generally believed that slot machines offer the worst odds in a casino. This would be close to the truth if every single table game player played a perfect game of blackjack / poker / baccarat / craps. It is true that bad bets at the craps table or blackjack table can give far worse odds than any slot machine.

 Types of online Slot Machines

There are generally two types of online slot machines - straight slots and progressive casino jackpot slots. Straight slot will pay according to a defined schedule. Progressives will pay you in a similar way unless the jackpot is hit. When this happens a large amount is usually won. In a progressive slot game a percentage of each coin dropped in the slot machine is added to the jackpot. If no one hits a jackpot in a while the pooled amount can grow to be very large.

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