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Sic Bo has its roots in the Far Eastern origin where the game is sometimes called Hi Lo, however in all online casinos the game is referredto as Sic Bo. When you fist see a Sic Bo game, you might think you've clicked the wrong button and ended up at virtual disco. The table is an elaborate affair and lets say just a little over the top, with the winning bets highlighted by the bright illuminated sections.

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Sic Bo is not what it seems, it’s really simple dice game. After all the bets have been made, the dealer spins a small cage containing three dice. Players have made their bets by placing chips on the sections that designate possible combinations of the results of the dice.

The various sections of a Sic Bo table depict the faces of the dice in different patterns. After the dice have been shaken, the results are entered into the results table (in the same way as Roulette), which lights up in the winning pattern. The loosing bets are then swept from the table and the winners paid the amount of the different payouts.

 Sic Bo Bets, Winnings and Payouts

There are seven different types of bets on the layout of a Sic Bo table. First of all, players may wager on any one of the six dice sides, 1 to 6. If that number comes up on any one of the dice, the player is usually paid evens (1-1). If two of the dice come up with the same number, the bet is paid off at 2-1. And if all three of the Sic Bo dice come up on that same number, the bet is paid at 3-1. The house advantage on this number is 7.8%.

The next bet is a combination of two particular numbers. If, for example, a 2-5 or a 3-6 come up on any two of the dice, the bet is paid off at 5-1, giving the house a massive 16.6% advantage.

Sic Bo Bets can also be made on the total of all three dice. The player can bet on any specific total from between 4 to 17. The payout on this bet varies from 6-1 to 50-1, depending upon the total bet. The house advantage can also vary from 9.7% to a massive 47.2%.

The next Sic Bo bet is a wager called ‘small’ or ‘big’, which basically means that if you bet on a small, you're wagering that the three dice will total between 4 and 10. Big bets win if the dice total between 11 and 17. At first this may not seem like such a bad bet. After all there are 216 possible combinations on the dice (6 x 6 x 6= 216), so you could work out that there would be 109 ways, to win and 107 ways to lose. However take a look at the rules and the small print under the small and big bets. It should say something on the lines of ‘lose if any triple appears’. That means if three twos or threes or any other three-of-a-kind comes up, you lose, even though the total might constitute a small or big win. That means there are only really 105 ways to win and 111 ways to lose. However, this still makes the big and small bets the best bets at the Sic Bo table, giving the house a more realistic and player friendly 2.7% advantage.

 Bad Sic Bo Bets

It’s a bad idea to gamble your big or small Sic Bo bet and wager that a particular triplet will come up. Just think about it, the three-of-a-kind Sic Bo bet is among the worst on the table. If you bet, for instance, that three fours will come up, you'll get paid 150-1, but the true odds are really 215-1. With the house on a massive 30% advantage you can make you own mind up!

Betting any triplet is even worse. You get paid 24-1 on this Sic Bo bet, but the true odds are 35-1. You're going to be up against a 30.5% house advantage on this baby.

And there’s more, an even worse Sic Bo bet awaits. Try betting that a pair of any particular number will come up. The house pays 8-1 on this bet, but you're going up against a massive 33.3% house advantage.

If dice is your game [play Craps] there is no doubt that Sic Bo is an easy and fun game to play. But before you play take your time and play for free and remember the ridiculous house edge on some bets. Most of the casinos listed at Jackpot have Sic Bo and all of them allow you to play for free first. We strongly recommend you do this before playing Sic Bo.

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