Keno - A Casino Game very similar to a Lottery Game

Keno is a relative to bingo but in actual fact more like a lottery and just as easy to play. From a pool of 80 keno balls (numbers), you can pick anywhere between one and 20. The objective of keno is to have as many matches as possible between the numbers chosen by the player, and those randomly selected by the machine. The number of matches will be highlighted on screen and the possible payout will be rewarded based on the number of matches you get. The jackpot on some Keno games can go into the hundreds of thousands and beyond.

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The house advantage on keno is pretty big and is generally above a massive 20 per cent.

 Keno History

The origins of keno [let alone its online version] is not as modern as you may think. Keno dates back to the Chinese Han dynasty, preceding the current version by an astonishing 2000 years. Keno was originally introduced to the public by a Chinese man named Cheung Leung, who invented it as a way for the Chinese government to raise funds for its army. Originally, 120 different Chinese ideograph characters were used to place bets, but this number was eventually reduced to ninety. People took to it immediately, making it a massive success that netted loads of cash for the Chinese government. And to this day, keno has enjoyed unflagging popularity.

In 1990’s nineties, when Chinese immigrants brought keno with them to the United States, the original ninety character keno was reduced to eighty as the Americans found it too difficult to understand. To facilitate their play, the Chinese characters were also replaced by ordinary Arabic numerals from one to eighty. If you play keno in any online casino, you will see that it is still numbered from one to eighty.

Originally, keno was introduced in Nevada as "racehorse keno," in which each ball popped up bearing not only a number but the name of a racehorse. This "racehorse" aspect was dropped from the game in 1951, when the Nevada government passed a bill taxing off-track betting. So, for the past thirty three years, keno has been strictly a numbers game.

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