Casino War - How to play at an Online Casino

Casino War is one of a few new breed casino games to become more and more popular over the past few years. And here at Jackpot we’ve been trying to work out why and still don't have an answer for you! If we were to describe Casino War with one word it would be BORING!

Take an old children's game, put it on a blackjack table, dress it up with a dodgy proposition bet, and you've got yourself Casino War, one of the newest and most pointless table games ever invented by man!

You make a wager, usually £1-£5. The dealer gives you one card face up and gives himself one card up. If your card is higher than the dealer's card, you win. If it's not, you lose, it’s that simple. The casino has absolutely no advantage on this portion of the game and, as you might imagine, the battles or wars are about as interesting. If you like playing rocks-paper-scissors for kicks, Casino War could be your game.

Casino War also includes a tie bet which pays 10-1 and has an almost unreal 18.65% advantage for the house. At all costs ignore this bet!

 Casino War House Advantage

Go to war on ties: 2.88%
Surrender on ties: 3.7%
Bet on ties: 18.65%

If your initial altercation with the dealer results in a tie, you may either surrender your bet or go to war, in which case you must post another bet equal to your first. The dealer will then post a chip, this looks like he’s matching your second bet. He isn’t, he is simply matching your first bet. So in reality you're betting two chips to win one every time you go to war. This is where the online casino really gets its house edge.

The best strategy is to never surrender always go to war. Surrendering gives the casino a big 3.7% advantage. Going to war reduces this to a more realistic 2.88%. And a quick reminder, never ever take the tie proposition!

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