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Online blackjack can hold you hostage with the rules, as they vary widely from one online casino to another. Finding out how to play online blackjack can be tricky and you'll soon be faced with questions like; how many decks are in play? Can you double down on any two cards? Can you double after splits? Does the dealer hit soft 17? How many times can you re-split pairs? Is blackjack insurance available? How about surrender? Every edge an online casino takes on the rules can be an edge taken away from the players, but thankfully, we can help you learn to play blackjack. One of the best places to start if you’re looking to tryout blackjack with the minimum amount of effort is utilising our basic blackjack strategy chart which can assist you in making the right decisions. You’ll be up and running in no time.

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 Online Blackjack Gives you a Real Buzz

There are some aspects of online blackjack play that you won't encounter in most offline casinos. For example, if you're playing on felt, most casinos will allow you to take only one card on each of your split aces. There are some online casinos that will allow you to take more than one card on split aces. That's a definite advantage for the player. Or how about casinos that do not require their dealers to check for a blackjack with a 10-value up card? If you've got a split or a double down on the layout and the dealer has an ace in the hole for a blackjack, most casinos won't take both of your bets but some online casinos do. It's just a matter of checking the rules. There are some pitfalls to avoid. In a live casino, if you are dealt a blackjack and the dealer has an ace showing, you have the option of taking even money. If the dealer winds up with a blackjack your hand will be a push. There have been examples of the house winning if both the dealer and the player have blackjack. Incredible! This moves up the house edge quite significantly and is a game option to be avoided at all costs. You will not find any casinos like this at Jackpot all the casinos on this web site have what you can consider to be proper online blackjack.

Never, ever accept online blackjack play for rules that you would not accept in a real casino. After all, if you are a blackjack aficionado and enjoy taking every edge you can bear in mind that most online casinos shuffle after every hand, making counting techniques useless.

There are exceptions. Some of the bigger online casinos offer as many as six variations of blackjack, including a single-deck game, a six-deck game and a Spanish 21 game. On occasion you'll come across a multi-deck game in which the cards are not shuffled after every hand.

But one of the most exciting things to happen to online blackjack in a long time is the introduction ofBetfair's Zero House Edge Blackjack. True to their philosophy, Betfair offer some of the best odds around and their Zero House Edge Blackjack is certainly no exception. They payout 2-1 for a suited natural Blackjack and a five-card 21. You won't find those odds at many other online casinos.

 Blackjack Strategy

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